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Antwerp Harbor – PGL Major

The Antwerp Harbor map was a project I worked on for Mapshot, commissioned by the City of Antwerp ahead of the 2022 PGL CS:GO Major. We developed this project over the course of about a month and a half. I was the lead designer responsible for level design, art direction, and custom models & textures.

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These pictures show the areas and assets I worked on:

Most of the map is made of default CS:GO assets, but we supplemented them with custom props and textures. The grass and tracks were both two widely-used assets that I made.

One of the clients’ requests was that we showcase some of the things that could be seen in Antwerp. Here, we featured famous paintings that could be seen in the city’s museums.
These custom tarps were used widely across the map. They’re fully custom, with the tarp material made in Substance Designer and wrinkles baked from a cloth simulation in Blender.
Concrete blocks texture.
Custom water locks.

Antwerp mayor Bart De Wever introduces the map at a press conference.

Media Coverage:

“The City of Antwerp Launches New CS:GO Map to Celebrate the PGL Major 2022”

“This CS:GO map will take you to Antwerp for the PGL Major”